Zirconium phosphate inorganic salts

Industry:Inorganic salts
Delivery time:Within 2 weeks after order confirmation
Quantities:3000 Tons
INN (International Nonproprietary Name):
Chemical Name:
Zirconium phosphate
Molucular Formula:
CAS Registry Number:
General Product Information:
Identification:Chemical Name: Zirconium phosphateCAS NO.: 13772-29-7Molecular Formula: HZr2(PO4)3Zirconium phosphate has good chemistry, mechanical strength and thermal stability, good ion exchange properties, and can provide a large surface area, it has broad application prospects in electrical, optical, catalysis, biotechnology field, composite materials, and other fields.As zirconium phosphate has good ion-exchange capacity, in the preparation of inorganic antibacterial agents, It can be used as antibacterial metal ions excellent carrier, has been widely used in recent years.Specification:Appearance White powderPurity(%) >99.5L value >90b value <0Average grain size(um) 1-3Specific surface area(m2/g) >15Tap density(g/cm3) <0.55Burnt loss water(%) <1As a professional supplier of zinc gluconate: Henan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation.For more info., please contact us: hasinotech at gmail dot com

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